Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 AUFLICK, Lowell Edgar  7 Jan 1935Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03580 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 BUNTHOFF, Robert H  30 May 1929Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05482 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 BUTT, Margaret Catherine  1839Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03297 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 CARNES, Sarah Lucinda  20 Nov 1850Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13007 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 COE, Charles Thomas  15 Aug 1852Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13298 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 COE, Frances  16 Dec 1847Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13296 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 COE, Mary Ann  25 Aug 1846Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13300 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 COE, Thomas G  20 Jan 1856Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13211 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 COE, William  25 Oct 1889Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13302 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 CUMMINS, Cassius C  5 Jul 1877Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13304 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 CUMMINS, Margaret M  17 Mar 1874Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13306 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 DEW, Cassius M  24 Jun 1861Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00105 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 DEW, Frank Wheeler  16 Nov 1899Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02238 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 DEW, Margaret  28 May 1874Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04320 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 DEW, Mary S  30 Apr 1887Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02824 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 DEW, Stanley James  19 Jan 1878Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02233 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 DOUGLAS, Estella Iva  3 Jan 1876Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I09580 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 GIFFIN, Amy  Aug 1876Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I10059 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 GOSS, Anita  11 Oct 1936Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04411 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 GOSS, Bernard Chauncy  10 Jan 1946Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04417 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 GOSS, Bernard D  15 May 1909Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02827 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 GOSS, Dallas Lee  28 Jul 1934Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04412 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 HOOPER, Jeffrey A  27 May 1959Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03550 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 JOHNSON, Elizabeth Zane  Nov 1897Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04673 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 JUNIPER, Eunice Emily  5 Feb 1910Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I12881 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 MORRIS, Blanche Yvonne  2 Jul 1906Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00887 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 MORRIS, William  28 Oct 1912Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03493 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 MORRIS, William David  24 Feb 1879Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00891 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 MYERS, Charles F  5 Aug 1858Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13314 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 MYERS, Leo B  12 Mar 1865Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13312 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 MYERS, Thomas R  14 Jan 1846Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00696 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 MYERS, William James  11 Jun 1868Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02214 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 MYERS, William Scott  19 Nov 1844Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00694 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 PIERCE, Eliza M  16 Aug 1860Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13299 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 POSTON, Abbie Locke  20 Dec 1859Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05113 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 POSTON, Charles E  3 Feb 1876Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05108 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 POSTON, Dennie A  1 Oct 1861Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03295 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 POSTON, Ella  Abt 1868Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05101 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 POSTON, Emma  1 Jun 1868Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04268 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 POSTON, Frank Wesley  7 Apr 1868Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05100 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 POSTON, James Dow  26 Aug 1839Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03261 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 POSTON, Webster Cresap  11 Jan 1874Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05107 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 POSTON, Webster Wesley  29 Jun 1844Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02211 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 ROSSER, Mary Winefred  2 Aug 1868Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02823 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 SHEPARD, Miles Quigley  15 Sep 1856Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02242 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 SIDDLE, William  21 Oct 1906Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05027 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 SLATER, Clarence  8 Aug 1876Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I07094 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 STUART, George Wilbur Jr  11 Jan 1895Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05588 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 STUART, John William  14 Sep 1869Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04691 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 STUART, Rexford Baird  24 Feb 1895Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I07829 Dick Dew's Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 BAIRD, Mary  19 Apr 1959Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I07828 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 BATTIN, Mary Ellen  5 Mar 1923Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02235 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 BENNETT, Frances  29 Nov 1977Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I11354 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 BRIDGE, Diadama  10 Nov 1903Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05683 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 BRIGHT, E D  4 Jan 1915Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I12884 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 BRODT, Catherine Margaret  30 May 1925Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13310 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 CAIN, Lloyd W  2 Aug 2001Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I10220 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 CHARLTON, Margaret  14 Jan 1919Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02229 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 COE, Frances  21 Jan 1921Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13296 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 COE, John  11 Jan 1910Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03857 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 COE, Mary Ann  14 Jul 1919Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05684 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 COLLETT, Peggy A  19 Nov 2006Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I10239 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 CRESAP, Belle Garland  12 Oct 1936Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05106 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 CUMMINS, Margaret M  24 Nov 1949Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13306 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 CUMMINS, Paul  30 Oct 1929Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13297 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 DEAN, James A  4 Feb 1916Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04297 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 DEAN, James Cyrus  31 Jan 1915Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03467 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 DEW, Capitola  6 Oct 1938Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02232 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 DEW, Cassius Guy  9 Jul 1950Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04269 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 DEW, Cassius M  31 Jul 1878Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00105 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 DEW, Frederick  9 Nov 1944Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02488 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 DEW, James  5 Mar 1917Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02228 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 DEW, John  16 Sep 1873Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02222 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 DEW, John Strong  26 Mar 1879Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00100 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 DEW, Kenneth Lawrence  9 Jan 1967Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04293 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 DEW, Mary S  7 Oct 1934Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02824 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 DEW, Stanley James  2 Aug 1951Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I02233 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 DORRIS, Errett Nile  19 Aug 1993Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04088 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 FORGORESS, Steven  5 Feb 1959Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I11008 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 GOSS, Anita  17 Oct 1936Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04411 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 GOSS, Bernard Chauncy  1 Sep 1997Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I04417 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 HAMBEL, Lura Willmina  25 Apr 1947Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13115 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 HATFIELD, Olive M  1 Jan 1965Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I07232 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 HINES, Envy Hanford  31 Dec 1960Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I05673 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 HOUSEHOLDER, Nellie  23 Feb 1988Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I08900 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 KIMBLE, Mildred D  23 Nov 2009Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06834 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 LATTA, Edna Berl  1955Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I03887 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 LOVE, Gladys Elizabeth  27 Apr 1975Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I09917 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 LOVE, Mary C  13 Oct 1959Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I07087 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 LOVE, Nile  12 Jul 1963Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I09740 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 MARSHALL, Mildred Mae  12 Feb 1971Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06452 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 MCKEE, George William  2 Oct 1914Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06019 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 MCKEE, James Joseph  10 Aug 1968Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06002 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 MILLER, Elza Nathan  25 Nov 1990Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06036 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 MILLER, Ruth Helen  24 Feb 1998Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06038 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 MORRIS, William David  17 Jan 1962Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00891 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 MYERS, Charles F  25 Jun 1929Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13314 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 MYERS, Leo B  17 May 1918Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I13312 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 OSSMAN, Evelyn Marguerite  Aug 1986Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I06037 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 PEUGH, Angelina  23 Nov 1890Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio I00101 Dick Dew's Tree 

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 MYERS / TINKER  23 Mar 1869Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio F0231 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 CARLISLE / POSTON  4 May 1880Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio F1841 Dick Dew's Tree 
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