Glouster, Athens County, Ohio

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 ANGLE, Harry L  2 May 1891Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07799 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 ANGLE, Maude May  27 Feb 1886Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11461 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 BROWN, Rozene Emmagene  8 Aug 1912Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11451 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 CARRIGAN, Donna Jean  24 May 1930Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09949 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 CHAPPELEAR, Doyle C  5 Sep 1899Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13008 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 COVELLA, Thomas L  1 Mar 1945Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I12192 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 CRAIG, Elma J  21 Jun 1916Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01555 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 DEW, Barbara Jean  27 May 1948Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10844 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 DEW, Gladys  7 Mar 1914Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03454 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 DEW, Manley Eugene  18 Jul 1916Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02083 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 DEW, William Andrew  31 Oct 1907Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I06738 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 DORRIS, Bessie Helen  7 Jul 1911Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04087 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 DORRIS, Ronald Everett  11 Jan 1910Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03885 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 FRAZIER, Clarence  10 May 1905Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04057 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 FRAZIER, Mary Elizabeth  17 Dec 1907Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04058 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 FRAZIER, Montford James  10 Mar 1911Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04060 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 FRAZIER, William N  5 Apr 1914Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04061 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 GAYTON, Mary Marie  10 Feb 1914Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07258 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 GLENAMAN, Lewis Howard  3 Apr 1928Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11457 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 HARPER, Juanita Mae  4 Apr 1928Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13978 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 HILTON, George  21 May 1886Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09354 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 HOGUE, Gerald D  22 Jul 1944Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10882 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 HOGUE, Ronald Dean  21 Jun 1945Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I12596 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 HOLLAND, Alzina  13 Oct 1884Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07191 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 HUMPHRY, Jesse A  26 Dec 1891Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01565 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 JEWELL, Golden  25 Sep 1876Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13309 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 JEWELL, Hobart D  25 Nov 1898Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04851 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 JEWELL, Robert Gene  26 Apr 1931Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04852 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 LEHEW, Gerald Lee  13 Jul 1939Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13455 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 LOVE, Doris L  5 Sep 1911Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02006 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 LOVE, Teddie Lee  5 Jul 1931Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09914 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 LUNSFORD, Evelyn Marie  27 Sep 1919Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10177 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 MARSHALL, Agnes  9 Jan 1920Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02493 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 MARSHALL, Frances  9 Feb 1923Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02495 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 MARSHALL, Joseph B  10 Sep 1914Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02494 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 MARSHALL, Julia Helen  25 Feb 1921Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02452 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 MAXWELL, Percy Clifford  5 Oct 1898Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09703 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 MCCLELLAND, Glenn E  23 Mar 1914Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10236 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 MCCLELLAND, William R  3 Sep 1914Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13493 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 MCDONALD, Darmid Erett  28 Apr 1892Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I12939 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 MCDONALD, Edna Gladys  26 Jun 1884Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09236 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 MCGLAUGHLIN, Jack Jr  28 Aug 1926Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09804 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 MINGUS, Dorothy Lee  22 Nov 1934Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13531 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 PIERPOINT, John Weldon  11 Aug 1929Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10238 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 POST, Chester A  15 Jun 1890Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I06462 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 POST, Ernest Guy  24 Apr 1896Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I06451 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 POST, Willard Ray  19 Feb 1893Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04657 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 REYNOLDS, Joseph  20 Oct 1892Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01995 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 ROBERTS, Bernadine Fontella  1 Jun 1910Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11368 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 ROBERTS, Charles Silvanis  24 Jul 1895Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11352 Dick Dew's Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 BEAL, Elizabeth (Temperance) W  5 Mar 1907Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01542 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 BEAL, Harriett E  18 Mar 1916Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13281 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 BEARD, Nancy M  7 Oct 1913Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11314 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 BONE, Valentine  3 Feb 1909Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07542 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 BROWN, Edith Mae  10 Jan 1978Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08013 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 BROWN, Philip Arthur  8 Jun 1966Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I06330 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 BROWN, Rozene Emmagene  8 Aug 1912Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I11451 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 BROWN, William Leroy  18 May 1963Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08018 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 CHENEY, Joseph R  13 Jul 1936Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08899 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 CROOK, Lavina  12 Feb 1948Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10196 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 DAVIS, James W  29 Apr 1913Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07077 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 DEW, Barbara Jean  27 May 1948Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10844 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 DEW, Cecil Ray  15 Sep 1978Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02026 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 DEW, Clara Alice  4 Aug 1945Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04200 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 DEW, Ellis B  2 Jan 1998Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02113 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 DORRIS, Earl  1 Apr 1948Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03884 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 EDDY, Ozro D  18 Sep 1920Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08742 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 FOUTS, Carl E  28 Feb 1979Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09460 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 FOUTS, Edward  1901Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01558 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 GIFFIN, Amy  24 Apr 1936Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10059 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 GIFT, Jessie  14 Aug 1930Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03195 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 HATFIELD, Mary Ellen  20 Aug 1931Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07227 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 HAYDON, Delpha Elizabeth  15 May 1972Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03657 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 HECK, Sophia  16 Jan 1942Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08797 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 HEMRY, Alwillie P  14 Jul 1952Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07535 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 HENRY, John Alvin  1986Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04634 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 HINES, Andrew Preston  21 Nov 1953Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I05535 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 HINES, Raymond E  23 May 1980Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I06752 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 HINES, William H  30 Oct 1937Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I04267 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 HOGUE, George M  4 Jun 1987Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10722 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 HOLLAND, John Rodney  22 Jun 1932Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07298 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 HOOK, Dorothy  3 Feb 1969Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10174 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 HOOPER, Jeffrey A  31 May 1999Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03550 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 HUMPHRY, Jesse A  12 Mar 1941Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01565 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 JONES, Joseph W  13 Feb 1924Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13957 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 KIRKBRIDE, Hannah  21 Aug 1913Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I06334 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 LATTA, Delmar Birkey  22 Aug 1916Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07963 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 LATTA, Nile N  29 Nov 1948Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03568 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 LEVANDOSKI, Genevieve  16 Oct 1942Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02492 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 LEWIS, Pauline O  7 Feb 2007Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02454 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 LOVE, George Thomas  Apr 1972Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08711 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 LOVE, Teddie Lee  14 Dec 1982Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I09914 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 MAXWELL, Vinnie O  7 Jul 1979Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I01567 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 MCCLELLAND, Frances E  1 Nov 1999Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I12601 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 MCCLELLAND, Glenn Lois  20 Mar 1939Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13206 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 MCDONALD, Amherst  22 Aug 1931Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03844 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 MCDONALD, Anganette  9 Nov 1943Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03843 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 MCDONALD, C M  21 Apr 1953Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13278 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 MCDONALD, Thomas Glenn  27 Aug 1942Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I03812 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 MILLER, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1953Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I10199 Dick Dew's Tree 

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 BEAL, Harriett E  21 Mar 1916Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13281 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 KOONS, Cyrus Solomon  20 Jun 1916Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I02340 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 SHELL, George W  Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I08221 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 TRUEX, Beatrice V  4 Feb 1909Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I07404 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 YOCUM, Elnor May  19 Jan 1933Glouster, Athens County, Ohio I13217 Dick Dew's Tree 
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