Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Lawrence Scot  13 Mar 1914Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I10788 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 ARN, Paul J  18 Apr 1903Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06377 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 BABBERT, Elizabeth Catherine  25 Jan 1874Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I13152 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 BABBERT, Fred Edward  30 Aug 1870Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03648 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 BABBERT, John  Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I12925 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 BABBERT, Lydia E  19 Jun 1905Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03647 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 BELTZ, Irving M III  23 Sep 1945Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06660 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 BENTLEY, Robert M  4 Nov 1924Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03322 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 BENTLEY, Tillman Howard  10 Jul 1948Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03387 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 BILLITER, James Russell Jr  28 Aug 1913Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03021 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 BOALS, Francis Oscar  29 Oct 1910Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I07839 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 BOALS, Kenneth  3 Mar 1906Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I07838 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 BORSTNER, Clara  27 Feb 1888Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03184 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 BRICKELL, Susan  30 Sep 1826Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03783 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 BURKE, Frances Jane  30 Jul 1924Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00040 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 BURKE, George C  19 Jun 1919Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00036 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 BURKE, Margaret Ann  14 Nov 1917Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00038 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 BURKE, Mary Louise  13 Dec 1913Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00039 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 BURKE, Thomas Bernard  7 Jun 1911Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00037 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 CATHER, Mildred  7 Jun 1899Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03673 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 CHAPMAN, Charles  17 May 1921Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I13145 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 CHAPMAN, Charles G  25 Oct 1916Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I13143 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 CHAPMAN, Clarence Howard  12 Nov 1892Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I10481 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 CHAPMAN, Curtis Hutchinson  24 Aug 1893Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00542 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 CHAPMAN, Curtis Hutchinson Jr  8 Feb 1918Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00910 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 CHAPMAN, Infant  1919Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00911 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 CHAPMAN, Mary Amelia  21 Aug 1923Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00544 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 CHAPMAN, Nellie Jane  13 Aug 1910Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I04430 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 CHERUBINI, Albert Ernest  31 Aug 1920Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I11393 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 COONTZ, Anne Kaye  30 Apr 1922Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I05823 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 COWAN, Clara Catherine  16 Aug 1905Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00034 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 COWAN, Clement Edward  14 Apr 1892Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00033 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 COWAN, Helen Irene  15 Sep 1900Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00007 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 COWAN, Hilda Alice  3 Nov 1895Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00032 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 COWAN, Norbert William  4 Oct 1924Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00473 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 COWAN, Robert Charles  19 Aug 1922Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00472 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 DAUER, Dorothy A  24 Oct 1912Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03209 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 DAUER, Evelyn M  3 Feb 1911Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03208 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 DAUER, John Joseph  5 Mar 1916Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00200 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 DAUER, William C  22 Oct 1918Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03207 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 DAUGHERTY, Ida May  12 Sep 1870Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I13035 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 DEAN, James A  Jan 1892Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I04297 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 DEAN, James Cyrus  28 Mar 1866Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03467 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 DEAN, Mary Alice  1 Sep 1850Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I05801 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 DEITCHEL, Florence Elizabeth  11 Mar 1926Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I05744 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 DEW, Benjamin Harrison  6 Aug 1887Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00117 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 DEW, Charles Aaron Jr  8 Mar 1924Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00002 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 DEW, David Bradley  20 Jun 1964Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06885 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 DEW, Mary  6 May 1889Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00118 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 DEW, Phyllis Marie  22 Aug 1913Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00009 Dick Dew's Tree 

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Matches 1 to 50 of 575

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 ???, Mabel S  17 Jan 1982Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03543 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 ABRAM, Francis  21 Jun 1963Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00824 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 ADAMS, Harriet  25 Oct 1914Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I04652 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 ADKINS, Minna Helena  10 Sep 2006Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03400 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 ALDERMAN, Albert M  23 May 1927Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I10375 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 ALDRIDGE, Henry  14 Sep 2000Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I02914 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 ALLEN, Joel Curtis  11 Nov 1997Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00625 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 ALLEN, Lawrence Scot  26 May 1955Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I10788 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 ANDERSON, Anna L  7 Aug 1946Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I12938 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 ANGLE, Frank  20 Aug 1952Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I09564 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 ARN, Paul J  17 Oct 1966Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06377 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 ARN, Warner Paul  12 May 1954Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I02797 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 ARNOLD, Gertrude Minerva  23 Oct 1912Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I08956 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 ARNOLD, Harley J  28 Dec 1977Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03721 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 ARNOLD, Henry Jackson  3 Jun 1964Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I02425 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 ARNOLD, Jennie H  22 Aug 1986Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00178 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 ATKINSON, Dorothy  12 Jul 1987Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I09358 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 ATKINSON, Prudence Leila  4 May 1966Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I08302 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 ATKINSON, Samuel James  28 Aug 1954Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I01079 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 AUFLICK, Lowell Edgar  30 Jul 1996Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03580 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 AVIC, George J  25 Apr 2004Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03729 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 BABBERT, Elizabeth Catherine  10 Jun 1924Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I13152 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 BABBERT, Lydia E  14 Jun 1964Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03647 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 BARNES, Virgel Mary  23 Nov 1927Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I10092 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 BARR, Margaret Abigail  8 Sep 1927Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I08647 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 BAZE, Fredericka  12 Jun 1915Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03620 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 BECK, Christiana L  9 Jul 1891Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03178 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 BELTZ, Irving M III  14 Dec 1945Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06660 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 BELTZ, Irving M Jr  25 Jun 1991Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03744 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 BENDER, Burren  6 Sep 1960Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03742 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 BENDER, Theresa Katherine  27 Mar 1916Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I02962 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 BENTLEY, Denzil E  5 Jun 1996Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03385 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 BENTLEY, Robert M  29 Mar 2002Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03322 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 BENTLEY, Tillman Howard  12 Jul 1948Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03387 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 BENTLEY, William Edward  3 Oct 1903Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I08217 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 BERECZ, Joseph W  18 Apr 1990Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I12120 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 BLACK, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1941Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06210 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 BLACK, Thomas Neilson  2 Aug 1949Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I08886 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 BOALS, Francis Oscar  27 Aug 1929Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I07839 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 BOALS, Samuel B  21 Jul 1918Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I07343 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 BOALS, Samuel Jr  10 Apr 1973Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I07473 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 BOTKIN, Claude Ansel  19 Aug 1957Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03269 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 BOTKIN, Duff Wilson  30 Dec 1934Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03270 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 BOTKIN, Miriam Elizabeth  4 Jun 1996Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I10787 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 BOTKIN, Myron Durbin  11 Apr 1973Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00196 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 BRADLEY, Rosemary  20 Jan 2010Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I00476 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 BRICKELL, Susan  28 Dec 1909Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I03783 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 BRODERICK, Celia A  19 Jan 1948Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I09294 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 BROWN, Agnes Matilda  31 Jul 1915Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I07631 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 BROWN, Charles Edward  24 Aug 1924Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I06730 Dick Dew's Tree 

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 PARSONS, Charles A  10 Jan 1939Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I13369 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 SHUTER, Harold H  4 Nov 1946Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio I12946 Dick Dew's Tree 


Matches 1 to 50 of 97

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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 POPE / HARSHBARGER  Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0477 Dick Dew's Tree 
2 DISTELZWEIG / SCHULTZ  9 Jun 1850Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0348 Dick Dew's Tree 
3 KREBS / MAAS  13 Jun 1870Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0037 Dick Dew's Tree 
4 DISTELZWEIG / EBEN  25 Mar 1875Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1023 Dick Dew's Tree 
5 DEVINE / MAAS  25 Nov 1880Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0720 Dick Dew's Tree 
6 DISTELZWEIG / GREEN  2 Apr 1882Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0996 Dick Dew's Tree 
7 REEB / MERZ  10 Aug 1882Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0136 Dick Dew's Tree 
8 DISTELZWEIG / FINK  31 Jan 1886Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0345 Dick Dew's Tree 
9 FRITZ / SMITH  24 Apr 1888Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0662 Dick Dew's Tree 
10 DISTELZWEIG / MERKLE  5 Jul 1888Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1025 Dick Dew's Tree 
11 PURVIANCE / FRITZ  29 Oct 1890Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0723 Dick Dew's Tree 
12 TUEMLER / KAISER  17 Sep 1891Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1020 Dick Dew's Tree 
13 KREBS / FRITZ  8 Nov 1893Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0011 Dick Dew's Tree 
14 VALENTINE / DISTELZWEIG  29 Aug 1895Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1038 Dick Dew's Tree 
15 KIELMEYER / EBEN  3 Oct 1899Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1224 Dick Dew's Tree 
16 WIRSCHINGER / DISTELZWEIG  15 Nov 1899Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1389 Dick Dew's Tree 
17 FRITZ / KREPPELT  29 Nov 1899Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0663 Dick Dew's Tree 
18 FRITZ / CROMBIE  14 May 1900Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0665 Dick Dew's Tree 
19 EBEN / PERCY  6 Aug 1901Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1118 Dick Dew's Tree 
20 KREBS / O'DAY  25 Jul 1902Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0039 Dick Dew's Tree 
21 DANIELS / EBEN  11 Oct 1902Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1117 Dick Dew's Tree 
22 ARN / DISTELZWEIG  16 Dec 1902Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0998 Dick Dew's Tree 
23 EBEN / BORSTNER  27 Feb 1906Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1119 Dick Dew's Tree 
24 FRITZ / MARION  3 May 1906Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0668 Dick Dew's Tree 
25 KREBS / ROCHE  7 Oct 1906Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0350 Dick Dew's Tree 
26 EBEN / MCNABB  4 Dec 1906Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1225 Dick Dew's Tree 
27 HELRIGLE / PHILLIS  31 Mar 1907Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0446 Dick Dew's Tree 
28 NANCE / EBEN  16 Nov 1907Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1228 Dick Dew's Tree 
29 ZIMMER / EBEN  7 Mar 1909Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1227 Dick Dew's Tree 
30 Cowan / REESE  10 Nov 1909Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0172 Dick Dew's Tree 
31 BURKE / COWAN  15 Jun 1910Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0010 Dick Dew's Tree 
32 PHELPS / EBEN  15 Jun 1910Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1230 Dick Dew's Tree 
33 DEW / THOMPSON  7 Nov 1911Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1271 Dick Dew's Tree 
34 RAINIER / SCHNEIDER  11 Dec 1911Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1366 Dick Dew's Tree 
35 DISTELZWEIG / LEHNER  10 May 1912Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1001 Dick Dew's Tree 
36 STEINKE / KREBS  12 Jun 1912Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0038 Dick Dew's Tree 
37 DISTELZWEIG / CORRIELL  23 Sep 1912Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1028 Dick Dew's Tree 
38 DEW / POTTS  2 Feb 1913Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F2007 Dick Dew's Tree 
39 DISTELZWEIG / HEIGLE  14 Feb 1914Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1003 Dick Dew's Tree 
40 DEITCHEL / DISTELZWEIG  17 Apr 1915Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1206 Dick Dew's Tree 
41 DISTELZWEIG / CRUMRINE  18 Aug 1915Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1005 Dick Dew's Tree 
42 MOSIER / DISTELZWEIG  9 Oct 1915Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1052 Dick Dew's Tree 
43 REEB / ZIESCHANG  20 Oct 1915Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0329 Dick Dew's Tree 
44 FRITZ / DOUGLAS  24 Feb 1916Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F1326 Dick Dew's Tree 
45 CHAPMAN / COWAN  25 Dec 1916Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0169 Dick Dew's Tree 
46 KREBS / DISTELZWEIG  14 Feb 1917Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0012 Dick Dew's Tree 
47 DEW / MARTIN  31 Jul 1917Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F2009 Dick Dew's Tree 
48 PHILLIS / TAYLOR  24 Oct 1917Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F2005 Dick Dew's Tree 
49 MITCHELL / DEW  3 Nov 1917Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0775 Dick Dew's Tree 
50 DISTELZWEIG / MILLER  14 Feb 1918Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio F0999 Dick Dew's Tree 

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