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District of Columbia
District of Columbia was formed from portions of Maryland and Virginia
You might consider searching in those States for earlier records.
The following table details the population of the District from the first census available up through 1940.
Information is shown for 1890, but that census was mostly lost due to a fire and mishandling in the 1920's and 1930's.
If the population figure below is underlined click on it to be taken to a free online version of the census
1790 NA 1800 NA 1810 8,208 1820 13,247 1830 18,826 1840 23,364 1850 40,001 1860 61,122
1870 109,199 1880 147,293 1890 230,392 1900 278,718 1910 331,069 1920 437,571 1930 486,869 1940 663,091
Historical Census Browser. The University of Virginia, Geospatial and Statistical Data Center: http://mapserver.lib.virginia.edu

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