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Census Statistics
Many people begin their genealogy research starting with the widely available U.S. census records. The U.S. began taking a census every 10 years starting in 1790. The records from 1790 to 1840 contain only the name of the head of the household and limited information about the other individuals in the residence. That changed in 1850 when the census began listing each member of the household individually.
Look how Alaska has grown! The following table details the population of the state from it's first census through 1940. The 1940 census is the last year currently available for genealogy use. The 1950 census won't be available until 2022. Information is shown for 1890, but that census was mostly lost due to a fire and mishandling in the 1920's and 1930's.
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1790 NO 1800 NO 1810 NO 1820 NO 1830 NO 1840 NO 1850 NO 1860 NO
1870 NO 1880 33,426 1890 32,052 1900 63,592 1910 64,356 1920 55,036 1930 59,278 1940 72,524

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If you still have family living in Alaska today, they may live in one of the larger cities of: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau or Wasilla. Chances are their ancestors were Native Americans or came from Germany, Ireland, England, or Norway. Their religion is likely one of the Christian denominations.

They may work at one of the companies based in Alaska, like ASRC Energy, GCI Communications, Nana Mgmt. Services or Trident Seafoods. Some of them may enjoy eating Akutaq or salmon. They probably root for the Alaska Aces, Anchorage Glacier Pilots, or the Seawolves. Many Alaskans enjoy fishing or attending sled dog races.

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